Tracey Kershaw

My maternal subjectivity has been central to my art practice. The profound and often overwhelming emotions that my motherhood brings have driven me to engage with other interrelated subjects such as fertility, ageing and the fragility of time passing. My current concerns centre on the changing relationship between my son and myself.

Mundane and easily overlooked moments provide rich memories, documenting ephemeral changes, and through which I aim to communicate a true and insightful sense of my relationship with my son. ‘Non-events’ of our daily life – brushing his hair, collecting fallen peas from his plate or cutting his nails – speak of a particular time, but represent the more fundamental changes that will inevitably occurs as he grows older.

I work with video, photography, audio and text to explore the impermanence of each phase of my maternal relationship, and the irreversibility of change and forward motion. I aim to create a sense of intimacy, echoing the intensity of the maternal gaze.

Reversing conventional psychoanalytical theory that favours the child’s viewpoint (with the mother as object), my intention is to convey my maternal subjective view. Unexceptional incidents from my son’s life are seen from my perspective as mother and observer, and presented as an epiphany, a signifier of the real.

As mementos of growth and change, quotidian events represent the poignancy of a weakening bond and my resulting feelings of loss and separation.