Teresa Wilson

Teresa Wilson is a sculpture and installation artist exploring the space between sculpture, performance and theatre. Powerful and disturbing human and bird puppets create claustrophobic environments where private dramas take place.

Made from old rags, and recycled materials, the work refers to the past, suggesting stories to the viewer of uncanny happenings, maternal experience, memories, and past traumas. The viewer is invited to explore an imaginative alternative reality and approach the emotional and sometimes uncomfortable subject matter in a gentle and darkly playful way.

The macabre little people hint at an ‘otherworld’ of ancient fables and fairy stories. The puppets are intended to invite our pity and a desire to reach out to the damaged little people as one would to a hurt child or vulnerable baby – but at the same time their strange and pathetic appearance repulses the viewer and creates a feeling of anxiety within the strange melancholy space they inhabit. The work is about the transmutation of undigested experience, the intensity of maternal emotion, timelessness, darkness and enchantment.

Main practice includes site – responsive installation, sculpture and digital photography. Teresa Wilson graduated from Salford School of Art in 2008. She was selected for the AA2A resident artist scheme at Salford University 2009-10 and has had solo shows at the Chapman Gallery, Salford and Arena Gallery, Liverpool. Her exhibition ‘Tales from the Woods’ received Artinliverpool blog ‘Artwork of the Week’ at the Liverpool Biennial 2010. Recent work has been shown at the medieval Savage Tower in Macclesfield for the Barnaby Festival, responding to ideas of physical and emotional confinement.


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