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kisses 2001 Eti Wade

Kisses 2001

I am a visual – conceptual artist identifying as a ‘mother/artist’. I have three boys aged 19, 12 and 2 and have been making work about motherhood since the birth of my second son in 2000. The main thrust propelling and informing my creative practice in the past decade is the experience of motherhood and my practice is a personal investigation of the limits of maternal subjectivity expressed through photography and video. I publish and talk publicly about the subject of the maternal gaze in contemporary photographic art.

My work is motivated by my concern that mainstream maternal representations only reflect what is socially permitted, denying mothers representations with which they can identify and which can allow them to accept and cope with all aspects of maternal experience. I also worry that mothers face obstacles that prevent them from participating easily in cultural production and that the maternal is devalued as a subject for art practice, rendering maternal experience invisible in the arts.

I am a senior lecturer in Photography at the University of West London and head the MA Photography programme. I am currently working on my doctoral thesis; my project title is ‘The mother as subject and author in contemporary visual art’.

I have recently delivered papers at the ‘From Private to Public’ symposium, Women’s Library, London (2011) and the Birth Rites Symposium, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Whitworth Gallery, Manchester (2011). My work has been selected for the photographic award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London (2006).

Photography lecturer and head of the MA Photography
University of West London
St. Mary’s Road
London W5 5RF

Mobile: +44 7872938015



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