Tell me more about what a Mewe meeting is ?

At Mewe’s regular meetings, dialogues emerge from a subject selected by the group. Through individual and collective voice, members discuss challenging issues that are often outside of the mainstream, taboo or invisible. It seeks to explore diversity of experience in order to increase members and the broader public’s understanding and knowledge about the maternal. Much of the subject matter is universal and investigates what connects us to each other, the cycles of life, rites of passage, and underlying themes of loss and of longing.

Mewe is  interested in using individual and collective voice and knowledge as a vehicle for creative transformation within the self and society.

Mewe meetings explore the narratives and representations of the maternal in art, popular culture, the media and literature. Mewe investigates the maternal by looking at our lived experiences of being mothered and of mothering. Mewe is an inclusive organisation and is interested in looking at different viewpoints and perspectives on mothering. It seeks to explore the shifts and transitions that take place in the identity of a person through becoming a mother and the position of the mother in society today.

Mewe looks at how others in society view the mother and how relationships with friends, family and partners change upon becoming a mother. It looks at the sometimes overwhelming emotional and physical demands that mothering can bring. It explores mothering as a transformative experience looking at it’s blessing’s and its constrictions upon the individual and exploring all the grey areas in-between.

The meetings are currently localised and held in members homes to facilitate those that have small children. Conversation, mothering, friendship, creativity and our relationship to the place in which we live and work draws us together as a group.

Mewe meetings take place in the Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is a landscape of moor, cragg and vale, with a rich cultural heritage in poetry, literature and art. The myths and stories of the Bronte Sisiters, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and the Pendle Witches are particularly resonant.

Mewe seeks to connect with other’s and help those who wish to unite the practice of art and creativity with mothering and aims to make its work more visible through participation in exhibitions, conferences, arts festivals, poetry readings, performance, screenings and publication nationally and internationally. The group are also planning to hold up to three public meetings a year where they can further connect with the local community and those  from further a field.

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