Milky Mother Moon: 28th June 2013

There is a super moon this evening (June 22nd), which means that the moon is very close to the earth, it should look bigger and brighter, but I live in Todmorden, and tonight its overcast and typically raining. I just poked my head out the front door to see if I could see its round bright beauty, but its hiding behind a large pennine rain cloud.

This month we will be talking all things Moon and Maternal so thinking about myths, folklore, and visual representations of the moon. Does the moon affect menstral cycles? Are more babies and animals born on the full moon ? Does the moon affect your mood and in turn your creativity ? Did you ever feed your baby by moonlight ? Fact or fiction we will be delving into all things moon and maternal, and catching up with what we have been thinking about, reading and producing in the past month.

Calendar Girls

It has long been assumed that menstruation was somehow tied in with the moon. But evidence is mounting that even more mysterious forces are at work. Vivienne Parry explains.

The Guardian, Thursday 25 August 2005

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