Introductory meeting: 24th February 2012

This  meeting involved a number of informal discussion’s framed around each participants presentation. At the end of each presentation the participants offered their support, opinion and ideas in response to the subject.

We read from Jackie Kay’s Poem ‘A drunk woman looks at her nipple’ from her book “New Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect”which is the basis for a series of illustrations that MB is currently making. The group then discussed the context of this poem.

We read an extract from Sylvia Plaths Poem “Three Women”, a poem for three voices based in a maternity ward. ( She also showed a series of drawings based on birth, which the group discussed:

A member of the group recounted a story about maternal experience that she had devised whilst doing the washing up at home, using her childrens’ drawings and other personal ephemera as devices to frame aspects of the narrative.

We discussed areas of German Literature that explore the subject of the Mother.

A member of the group shared her ideas for creating poems based on maternal experience and the approach that she was planning to take. She talked about making a “patchwork quilt” of  poems built from extracts of her daughters vocalised observations together with fragments of ideas from her daily experiences of mothering. She  also made reference to the poems of Simon Armitage and in particular his poems in “Book of Matches”.  She was interested in the idea of duration to the context of both making and reading a poem.