“Double double toil and trouble” a re-imagining of the witch: 15th February 2013

paula rego, pendle witches

We will be cursing, and bubbling up some potent brews in the cauldron at the next mewe meeting to celebrate a year of our meetings and discussions.

We will discuss examples of witches in art and literature, and how they have been re-imagined. We will look at the history, myth and legends of the Pendle Witches through the work of Maxine Peake and the Eccentronic Research Council and Paula Rego’s etchings based on Blake Morrisons poem “Discoverie of Witches”. We will look at Shakespeare’s witches in Macbeth and the witches that Goya painted.

Witch has been used to describe women on the fringes of society or those that are deemed as misunderstood or powerful, healers, midwives, wise women, shamens……..

Who work as witches and who are regarded as witches in our society today ?

Maxine Peake and the Eccentronic Research Council, Culture Show


Blake Morrison, DIscoverie of Witches

Paula Rego Pendle Witches series


400 years of the Pendle Witches


Simon Armitage, documentary about the Pendle Witches


Sculpture Trail near Pendle Hill with art works inspired by the Pendle Witches


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