Death and the maternal: 29th November 2013

Bill Viola, Nantes Triptych 1992

Bill Viola, Nantes Triptych, 1992

Death and the maternal 

What questions and connections are made between these two?
Maternal depression, something dead inside
For some the death of an old self in becoming a mother
The death of girlhood on becoming a woman
Death in childbirth
Western priviledges in maternal care
The pity of war, the loss of sons – if there is a particular bond between mother rather than father and son – the dying boy and man calls for his mother
Where father murders mother
The experience of ageing and no longer being able to give birth physically
Living unmothered, can we still grow?
If I had a year to live what would be my maternal conversations imagined or real?
and more
Mo Brown November 2013

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