Feminist Manifesto’s: 7th September 2012

At this meeting we will be looking at feminist manifestos. You may want to bring to the meeting an existing feminist manifesto to discuss or you may want to create your own manifesto. These manifesto’s could be personal. public, intimate or ambitious.  It would be great if we could write a manifesto for mewe.

One of my favourite feminist manifestos is the Manifesto for Maintenance Art 1969 by Mierle Laderman Ukeles see: http://www.feldmangallery.com/media/pdfs/Ukeles_MANIFESTO.pdf


Katy Deepwell of N.Paradoxia has gathered together some terrific examples of feminist art manifesto’s on her site KT Press see http://www.ktpress.co.uk/feminist-art-manifestos.asp

You may also want to look at the Guerrilla Girls for some inspiration http://www.guerrillagirls.com/

This is also a helpful overview of feminist arts practice, that may be useful in inspiring some personal responses to writing a feminist manifesto.


This paper by Rosemary Betterton discusses the Maternal Body and individual and collective politics.

Maternal Embaressment: Feminist Art and Maternal Affects 


Outcomes of Meeting

We read  from a feminist manifesto written by Lindsey German in 2010: http://aspecks.com/blog/eclectics/a-feminist-manifesto-for-the-21st-century/

A member of the group read out 3 manifestos that she has been writing “Women”, “Artist”, “Mother”. It was found that this was a positive activity to try out and helped to concrete ideas and strengthen her voice. She wants to work towards linking the three manifesto’s as one.

We discussed”Baby Love” by Rebecca Walker. This is an open and honest book about pregnancy and the journey towards motherhood, it draws upon the authors relationship with her mother (Alice Walker) and living with depression. The group discussed the cultural differences that exist in the US particularly in relation to private health care, giving birth and maternity leave.

We discussed the relevance of creating art work at the present time in light of climate change and the economic crisis.

We discussed the challenges that we face as a group to finding space and time to be creative. A member of the group suggested that we read read, “Conversations Before the End of Time” by Suzi Gablik, 1998

A member of the group read a poem that she had written about her body, carrying her babies, giving birth, breastfeeding and her work as a mother.

We read poetry by Susan Griffin and discussed the necessity to write poetry.

Also had a general chat about how mothering full time can have a detrimental effect on confidence.

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  1. Feminism today is a fascinating subject. The Guardian article avove does highlight just how important feminist art was up to 1974. But today we still have very conflicting images of female objectification, conflicting demands of family vs. work = even these two subjects alone are surely enough to celebrate feminism now.

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