Mewe is open to any practitioners of any gender who are interested in working with the maternal, currently we are all mothers.

Members of Mewe meet regularly to support each other, share our creative practice and experiences of being mothers, being mothered and to explore how motherhood informs and inspires our work.

Creating work between the interruptions of living in a family, the caos and order of everyday domestic life can be particularly challenging, as too can be the complexities of emotions that parenting can bring. Mewe seeks to explore these polarities through discussion and creative practice.

The core Mewe members meet in private and the group are planning to hold up to three public meetings each year, the next of these is due to take place in May 2013

It is time to let mothers have their say.

-Susan Rubin Suleiman

If you would like to attend a Mewe meeting please contact Helen Sargeant

Tell me more about what a Mewe meeting is ? 

Introductory meeting: 24th February 2012

“My mum’s hangbag” Motherhood, Memory, Identity: 30th March 2012

Birth Stories: 27th April 2012

Art and Ritual, Trauma and Healing: 25th May 2012

“Chocolate Cake and Mummy Milk” Food and the maternal body explored through art, literature poetry and performance: 29th June 2012

Feminist Manifesto’s: 7th September 2012

Social Dreaming: 28th September 2012

The home as a site of creativity and resitance through film, feminism and performativity: 19th October 2012

The egg, the moon, the head and the womb: 23rd November 2012

First steps and pram pushing and the art of walking: December 12th  2012

“Art and Life and the theraputic nature of art itself”: 11th January 2013

“Double double toil and trouble” a re-imagining of the witch: 15th February 2013

Écriture féminine: 15th March 2013

Reading Helene Cixous: 17th May 2013

Milky Mother Moon: 28th June 2013

Red is the colour of revolution: 17th July 2013 

Stories around the campfire, social dreaming, reflections on a summer past: 13th September 2013

Death and the maternal: 29th November 2013 

Freud The Uncanny: 24th January 2014 

The cow jumped over the moon: 11th March 2014