Mewe is a an arts collective comprising of visual artists, academics, writers, performers, poets and film makers who share an interest in and create work about the maternal.

Mewe has eight broad aims:

  • To promote the creative outputs of its members and to find new audiences for their work
  • To provide a virtual and physical platform for the exploration of the maternal
  • To promote creativity, collaboration and cross fertilisation of ideas
  • To establish a community of mutually supportive practitioners
  • To capture diversity of maternal experience
  • To promote wellbeing through creative activity and discussion
  • To explore the ambivalences involved in motherhood.
  • To help and support those that wish to develop their creative practice alongside their caring responsibilities.

In the long term Mewe plans to promote the work of its members through curating and organising events, festivals, exhibitions, screenings to participate and contribute to conferences, publications and to set up its own online journal, or publishing press.

Mewe’s founding members Helen Sargeant and Mo Brown met on a park bench whilst watching their children play. Mewe is a collaborative venture that was forged through a dialogue about arts practice and the maternal between Helen and Mo.

The creation of Mewe has been informed by organisations such as MaMSIE and Enemies of Good Art both of which are based in London. Helen and Mo saw that there was a need to establish an organisation in the North of England. An organisation that could bring together a group of creative people to support each others practice and collectively explore ideas of the maternal subject through their shared interest in art, literature, poetry, creative writing, performance, and film.

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